Kudaz, programmer s editor

Kudaz, programmer s editor


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Author: Suzuki

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Kudaz is a programmer s editor with syntax-highlighting capabilities that currently supports 35 languages/scripts all told. Major features of Kudaz are as follows:Syntax-highlighting for 35 languages/scripts as follows(fully user-configurable):68HC11, Assembler, AWK, Baan 4GL, Borland Forms, C/C++, CA-Clipper, Cascading Style Sheet, COAS Product Manager Report, COBOL, CORBA IDL, Fortran, Foxpro, Gembase, GW-TEL, HP48, HTML, INI File, Inno Setup Script, Java, JavaScript, Modula 3, MS VBScript, MS-DOS Batch, Object Pascal, Perl, PHP, Python, SQL, Standard ML, Structured Text, Tcl/Tk, TeX, Visual Basic, x86 Assembly, XML. Exporting syntax source as HTML/RTF.User-configurable programming source template support(flexible).HTML Quick Table wizard.HTML Color palette.Prefixing/suffixing lines.Removing lines containing/missing certain text.Powerful SnipText box that accommodates user-definedtext snips.Useful and handy Folders panel for quick access to files and foldersAdvanced MRU manager.Few but handy HTML-related functions.Find/Replace.Multiple Undo/Redo.On-the-spot file-manipulation(rename, move, delete, ...).Line-sorting(ascending/descending/case-insensitive,-sensitive).Triple text selection mode :Normal/Column/Line.Auto-indent.Highlighting the current line.Show line number option.User-configurable file types for View In Browser operationTrimming leading/trailing blanks.Line spacing.Adjustable tab size.Block-indent/outdent (Tab-indent support).Visible right edge.Converting Tabs to spaces.Backup creation.Advanced user-configurable filter configuration.Remembers bookmarks/last status of a document.Shows opened file attributes on the status bar.HTML tag stripping.Removing empty lines only.10 Bookmarks.And more.... v1.0.1.7 is stable.

Systems: Windows

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